Minimally-Invasive AUTOMATED (FUE) and Implantation Hair Transplant Procedure

With the NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplant system, we have taken the benefits of the FUE method and have automated the technique. First, the NeoGraft system uses a motorized punch that gently rotates around each individual graft (slowly rotates approximately 2 times) in a perfectly cylindrical shapes. Rotation of the punch can be precisely adjusted to accommodate for different skin types.

Second, the NeoGraft system uses a controlled pneumatic pressure (suction) to slide out the follicles smoothly and uniformly, so there is no pulling and twisting as with forceps which puts the follicle at risk for damage. The strength of the suction can be adjusted to accommodate different skin types and the various sizes of punches. The grafts extracted by the contra-angled (angle allows for direct visualization of the direction of hair growth) tool of the NeoGraft system are of consistent excellent quality.

Finally, because of the way that the grafts are extracted and withdrawn from the donor area, each graft is uniform making the automated implantation of the graft precisely the same size and cylindrical shape of the recipient site eliminating the “pop corn or ping pong” effect when using forceps. The grafts are collected in a small collection canister that gently and frequently mists grafts with sterile saline to keep them moist during the harvesting process until they are ready for implantation.


Harvesting Handpiece

  • Contra Angle Harvester allows for precise visual graft extraction
  • Variable speed rotating cutting canula cores around grafts
  • Gentle suction pulls grafts cleanly through shaft into collection canister
  • Quality and consistent graft with no trimming

Hair Graft Implantation

The recipient sites are made to the exact length of the harvested grafts and inserted with the NeoGraft controlled pneumatic pressure implantation hand piece. This ensures that the grafts are implanted to the exact depth leaving a smooth level recipient surface and preventing any ingrown or exposed follicals.

After the grafts have been separated from the canister, the grafts are withdrawn, or auto-loaded, into an implantation canula using negative pneumatic pressure. Once they are in the canula the follicles are advanced (inserted) into the recipient site with the utmost precision using positive pneumatic pressure.

The benefits of the automated FUE method to the patient are the same as manual FUE; minimal discomfort, no scalpel incision, no sutures, no linear scar, little to no risk of complications, quick recovery time, fewer activity limitations and a more natural looking result than traditional strip methods. The benefits of the NeoGraft™ System to the physician is the system is easy to use allowing for a short learning curve and it’s significantly faster than manual FUE. In addition, there is low overhead costs per case, very high quality and consistent grafts and improved reproducible outcomes.

The “minimally invasive” NeoGraft Automated (FUE) and Implantation Hair Restoration procedure is quickly becoming the new “Gold Standard” for hair transplant procedures.

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Implant Handpiece

  • No Touch Implantation
  • Combination Pneumatic Pressure
  • Loads and implants graft safely